Dual Inverter vs Triple Inverter AC: Advantages

Nowadays ACs are common in our lifestyle but we are often confused between the latest technologies that’s why in this article we are going to know about the difference between two powerful technologies: Dual Inverter and Triple Inverter AC.

In this era, I think you have familiar with inverter technology but if you are not then you can read this article: Inverter AC vs Dual Inverter AC

Now I am assuming that you have a complete idea regarding the inverter technology. So here we are going to discuss What is triple inverter AC? And the difference between triple inverter ac and dual inverter ac.

So without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

History of all Inverter Technology

So if you do not know how this inverter technology comes into the picture and how inverter technology improves day by day then here we have provided the short history of inverter technology. Inverter technology basically indicates the types of compressors used in AC.

  • When AC was invented at that time reciprocating compressors are used in it. These compressors are so powerful that they can provide super cooling performance but consume lots of electricity and produce lots of noise.
  • Hence rotary compressors are now being used to reduce the noise level and make AC energy efficient. But this compressor also runs on the principle of on-off so these are also not that efficient.
  • Then inverter compressor (Single inverter compressor) comes into the picture. You can also say 1 gen compressor. There is also a rotary compressor but now these compressors are compatible with DC current and they can adjust the speed as compared to load. So that’s why these are much more efficient. 
  • But again to make it more efficient and less noisy, a dual inverter compressor comes into the picture. Because this compressor has a twin-rotor that divides the loads. So that it can provide good performance at lower rpm.
  • Recently few brands have come with triple inverter AC which is even more efficient than dual inverter AC. Because these have 8 pole motors instead of 4 pole motors. So it can reduce the vibration and torque fluctuation.

So I think now it’s clear to you about the history of inverter technology on AC.

What is Dual Inverter Technology?

As I told you earlier that normal inverter ACs come with a single rotor and due to this it can adjust the speed according to load but the problem is the entire load is on the single rotor, so it has to rotate at high RPM to fulfill the cooling performance. Due to which it consumes more energy and generates more noise.

But this is not the case with dual inverter ac because dual inverter AC comes with a twin-rotor compressor. Which means the compressor with two rotors. These compressors can also adjust the speed depending on the load but the main advantage is that these have twin-rotor.

Single rotor vs dual rotor
Single rotor vs dual rotor

So that the entire load can be divided into both the rotors equally so it has to rotate at lower 

(almost half) RPM to fulfill the cooling performance. So that is why it’s more energy efficient and generates lower noise as compared to a single inverter compressor.

Advantages of Dual Inverter Technology

  • In dual inverter compressor has a high-quality BLDC(BrushLess Direct Current) 4 pole motor. Which can adjust the speed depending on the load.
  • A typical inverter compressor has a single rotor but a dual inverter has a dual rotor. So because of the two rotors, it can divide the entire load on both the rotors which make it more reliable.
  • Because of the twin-rotor in Dual Inverter AC, it requires about half the RPM to provide the same performance as a normal Inverter AC. That’s why the dual inverter ac is more energy-efficient and also makes less noise.
  • In a dual inverter, ac can be capable of providing better cooling performance because it has two compression chambers. So the compression process is faster and the result is to provide better and faster cooling performance as compared to normal ACs.
  • There are plenty of brands available with dual inverter technology so if you want a dual inverter ac then you can choose one of these brands: LG, Panasonic, Haier, Voltas, Mitsubishi, Whirlpool, Carrier, Hitachi, Godrej, Blue star, Daiken, etc.

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What is a Triple Inverter AC?

Now you will also think that a dual inverter AC has two rotors on its compressor just like that triple inverter AC may have a compressor that has three rotors right!

But this is not the case with triple inverter ACs. On a triple inverter, ac uses a different mechanism of motor that is 8 pole motor which is way more advanced than a normal four-pole motor. 

4 pole motor vs 8 pole motor
4 pole motor vs 8 pole motor

All the previous generation compressors like normal inverter compressors or dual inverter compressors used 4 pole motors which are not able to minimize the production of too much torque fluctuation. But the 8 pole motor can do.

These extra 4 poles help to reduce the unwanted torque fluctuation and minimize the noise level and vibration so that you can get a super silent performance. In the end, this technology enhances the performance of your AC too.

Advantage of Triple Inverter Technolgy

  • Till now 4 pole motor was used in normal and dual-inverter AC but 8 pole motor was used in triple-inverter ACs more energy efficient.
  • Due to the 8 poles in the motor, it is able to rotate the rotor in a more stable manner, which generates less vibration. And capable of providing super silent operation.
  • Extra 4 pole also helps to reduce the torque fluctuations which makes it even more efficient and increases its lifespan.
  • Hence Triple Inverter ACs provide 67% faster cooling and also save 65% energy as compared to other normal air conditioners. The best part is that they can easily cool the room even when the outside temperature goes up to 54 degrees.
  • Samsung was the first brand to invent the triple inverter in 2019 but now in 2021 many brands like Sansui and Haier have also had triple inverter ACs.

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FAQs for Triple inverter AC vs Dual Inverter AC

FAQs for Dual inverter AC vs Triple Inverter AC
FAQs for Dual inverter vs Triple Inverter AC

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What is a triple inverter in AC?

An AC is equipped with a compressor with a digital 8 pole motor which ensures faster cooling, low noise level as well as low energy consumption. And the less torque fluctuation makes it even more effective and efficient.

Which are the benefits of triple inverter AC?

So there are multiple benefits of triple inverter AC:-
1. Energy Efficient.
2. Provides silent operation.
3. Durable and longer life span.
4.Provides rapid cooling even when the outside temperature is high.
5. Low torque fluctuation as compared to dual inverter ac.

Does dual inverter AC really save electricity?

Dual inverter AC is equipped with a compressor with two compression chambers with two rotors. So that it can compress the gas faster and provide fast cooling performance. And these are also energy efficient as well as providing silent operation.

What is the disadvantage of inverter AC?

Inverter AC has lots of advantages but it also has few disadvantages:-
1. Expensive:- Inverter AC is much more expensive than traditional air conditioners.
2. Not for Light Users:- If you are using AC for longer than 8 to 10 hours in a day then it’s good for you but if you are using AC for a shorter time like 4 to 5 hours in a day then you can’t get much out of it.

Conclusion: Dual vs Triple Inverter AC

In This article, we have discussed in detail the difference between dual inverter vs triple inverter ac.

So if you have any doubt regarding this guide then let me know in the comment box.

So the conclusion is that dual inverter AC and triple inverter AC both are much more efficient than normal inverter AC’s but these are also expensive options available. 

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