Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser: Which One You Should Choose

A perfect geyser ensures a comfortable bath, especially in winters but we are often confused between the types of geyser and it mainly depends on some essential factors like Bathroom condition, space, ventilation, and the area you live in.

If you are confused about Which type of geyser is perfect for you, electric geyser or gas geyser. Then in this article, we have mentioned the detailed difference between electric geysers and gas geysers. So that you can easily decide which type of geyser is best for you.

Geysers are the stand-alone and the most efficient device for heating water. Traditional water heaters are also a good and cheap option but these are not safe. But on the other hand, geysers are a safe but expensive option.

Both types of electric as well as gas geysers are equipped with different features. So both types target different customers. And in this article, we have differentiated gas vs electric geysers so that you can easily understand which type of geyser is the best for you.

So without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

What is a gas geyser? How does it work?

What is an electric geyser? advantages and disadvantages.
What is an electric geyser? advantages and disadvantages.

Gas Geysers are those geysers that require gas (LPG) to heat the water. Because it uses highly inflammable gases so it can increase the temperature of the water much faster. 

Because they use flammable fuel to heat the water and release harmful gas that is why they required large rooms with good ventilation.

Advantages of Gas Geyser

Faster Heating:- Gas geysers use highly inflammable gases which have high calorific value, that’s why they can provide a faster rate of heating. So it can heat the water in much less time than an electric geyser.

Doesn’t Need Electricity:- The best thing about gas geysers is that it does not need electricity. So if frequent power cuts happen in your area then no need to worry the gas geyser is the best solution for that.

Much Affordable:- As compared to electric geysers, gas geysers come in a much more affordable price range. So it requires a low budget as compared to gas geysers.

Easy To Maintain:- Gas geysers have no complicated circuits, if there is any problem with the gas geyser then we can fix it very easily. So once installed, it can be easily maintained.

Multiple Operating Systems or Knobs:- Generally gas geysers are equipped with multiple operating knobs to set the exact gas flow and the water flow at a specific temperature. So you can adjust almost everything according to your requirements.

Multiple Capacities:- Different capacities of gas geysers are available so you can easily select the perfect size according to your family size.

Disadvantages of Gas Geyser

Good Ventilation with Large Space:- Gas geysers use flammable gases to heat the water and these gases release harmful substances so it needs a large bathroom with proper ventilation so that harmful substances can easily exit the bathroom.

Cause Pollution and Bad Effect on our Health:- When we use LPG or PNG gases for our geysers, they release toxic substances or gases which not only cause environmental pollution but also affect our health.  

Hard to Install:- Installation process of gas geysers is more complex than an electric geyser because it requires a separate gas pipeline to operate properly. So you will need a specialist who has experience in the installation of these geysers.

Less Durable:- Excessive heat generation provides faster heating but this can also damage the components of the geyser much faster as compared to electric geysers.

Not Cost-Effective:- At present, the price of all-natural gas is increasing. So it is not pocket-friendly. You need to spend more to operate these types of geysers.

Not Safe:- Because it uses high flammable gases. Therefore, if we do not use these geysers according to the given guidelines, then the chances of these accidents also increase.

Low Efficiency:- According to experts gas geysers are only 50 to 60 efficient in heating. So they are less efficient.


Therefore gas geysers have more disadvantages than advantages. And my advice is to go with a gas geyser only if the power cuts are high in your area.

What is an electric geyser? How does it work?

What is a gas geyser? advantages and disadvantages.
What is a gas geyser? advantages and disadvantages.

Those geysers which require electricity to heat the water are known as electric geysers.  These geysers are equipped with a thermostat and a heating coil. So when electricity passes through the heating coil then it generates heat to increase the temperature of the water. And the thermostat is present to maintain its temperature.

Electric geysers are further divided into two types:-

I) Instant Geysers:- These geysers come with a small capacity from 3L to 6L. And because of the small capacity, the heating coil can heat the water within 2 to 3 minutes. So it can instantly give you hot water.

Because of its small capacity, this geyser is not a good option for bathing but these geysers are best for kitchens.

II) Storage Geysers:- These geysers have a large amount of space from 10L to 30L so they can store a large amount of water and it also requires more time to heat the water.

These geysers are the perfect option for bathrooms and you can choose one of them according to your need.

Storage Geysers are further divided into two types:-

Vertical Geyser:- These geysers are vertically designed and good for large bathrooms.

Horizontal Geysers:- These geysers are horizontally designed. So it can easily fit in small bathrooms or low-ceiling bathrooms.

Advantages of electric geysers

Easy Installation:- Electric geysers require electricity. So after a simple installation process, you just need to connect this geyser with a power supply adapter.

Safer than gas geysers:- Electric geysers are a much safer option present in the market. Just as flammable gas is used in gas geysers, then even slight negligence can cause a big accident, but it is not so in electric geysers.

Ease of Use:- Electric geysers have only one knob to control the temperature. So you can easily maintain its temperature with the help of a simple knob.

Advanced Features are Available:- Many electric geysers are equipped with advanced features like remote control, wifi control, LED display, etc. But in gas geysers, these are not available.

Durable and Long Life Span:- As compared to gas geysers electric geysers are equipped with advanced technologies with safe materials which makes them durable and helps to provide long-lasting performance. It can easily last for 8 to 10 years.

Environment Friendly and Healthy:- Since it requires only electricity, it does not release any harmful gases. So it will not affect our environment as well as our health.

High Efficient:- Electric geysers are 70 to 80% efficient which is much higher as compared to gas geysers.

Disadvantages of Gas Geyser

Expensive:- Because electric geysers are much more advanced and safe but they are much more expensive than gas geysers.

Heating Slowly:- The main disadvantage of electric geysers is that they can heat the water but at a slower speed. But instant geysers are capable of providing fast heating speed.
Power Cut:- Electric geysers may not be a good option for you if there are frequent power cuts in your area.


Electric geysers are the best choice for both small and large bathrooms and have more advantages and fewer disadvantages. And I suggest always trying to go with a good electric geyser.

Which is better gas geyser or an electric geyser?

Here we have prepared a comparison table between electric vs gas geysers. Where we have compared different factors so that you can easily understand which geyser is best for you and fulfill your needs.

FactorsGas GeysersElcetric Geysers
Price/CostThese are traditional geysers and not equipped with advanced functions so the price is also less.But electric geysers are required with advanced features so they are more expensive.
InstallationIt needs an electric connection only. So easy to install.It needs a gas line so it’s a little difficult and also required good ventilation.
SafetyElectric geysers are safe and good for every type of home.Because of highly inflammable gases, these need to be handled carefully. And also releases harmful substances. So these are a bit risky.
Working PrincipleNeed Electricity.Needs natural gases like LPG and PNG.
VentilationNot required.Proper ventilation is required.
HeatingMore time is required.Less time is required as compared to electric geysers.
For Environment and HealthIt’s eco-friendly and also does not impact our health.Because it releases harmful substances so these are not good for the environment as well as for our health.
DurabilityThese are more durable.Less durable.
Advanced FunctionsEquipe with advanced functions like remote control, LED display, wifi control, etc.These are not as advanced as electric geysers.
Space RequiredLess space is required.A gas connection is required so more space is required.

With this compression table, we can see that electric geysers are the clear winners. So if you want to buy a geyser power cut is not a problem for you then choose electric geysers.

FAQs for Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser Which is Better

1. Which is better: a gas geyser or an electric geyser?

Obviously, electric geysers are more advanced and have much more advantages so electric geysers are the best. But if in your area power cuts very often then you can choose a gas geyser.

2. Which is the most affordable geyser gas or electric geysers?

From gas and electric geysers, gas geysers come in much affordable price ranges. So if you have a low budget then also you can choose this one.

3. Which are more advanced electric geysers or gas geysers?

Gas geysers are previous models but electric geysers are new generation geysers that are equipped with advanced features like, LED display, indicators, remote control, wifi control, etc. But these are not available on gas geysers.

4. Is a gas geyser safer than an electric geyser?

Because gas geysers use highly flammable gases so we need to handle this with care but electric geysers are a much safer option available in the market.

Conclusion: Which is Better Gas or Electric Geyser

In This article, we have done a detailed comparison between electric geysers Vs gas geysers.

So which type of geyser do you like the most? Either gas or electric geyser, Let me know in the comment box.

So if now also you are confused and you are not able to select then I will tell you once again that.

Electric geysers are a much more advanced and safer option available in the market but if in your area power cuts very often then only you should choose gas geysers otherwise always choose electric geysers.

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