Elica vs Glen Gas Stove: Which Brand is Best Fit For You?

So if you want a good and high-quality gas stove but are confused between Elica and Glen then in this article we have prepared a detailed comparison guide between these two brands.

Both the brands are very popular not just in India but all over the world. These brands are mainly focused on kitchen appliances and are both the top leading brand in the gas stove segment.

So in order to provide you with a better comparison guide, we have done extensive research on almost all types of gas stoves from these two brands, and in this article, we are going to share all my experience with you. So without any doubt, you can select one of the best gas stoves for you.

So without any further delay let’s straight into the article.

Elica and Glen Brand Overview

So here we have prepared a quick overview of the brands. So that you can easily know about the history of these brands.

Elica is a multinational Italian brand that was established in 1970. But they entered India a little late almost 2010. But because of the high-quality products at a very reasonable price and their good service now Elica is one of the top-selling Kitchen appliances brands in India.

Glen was founded in 1973 and this Brand was first established in Ireland. They manufacture a huge range of products in different categories such as electric fireplaces, domestic appliances, cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, and many others.

But in India, their top-selling products are Kitchen Chimneys, Gas Stoves, and Mixer Grinders. Etc.

Comparison Table Glen Gas Stove vs Elica

MaterialBrass Burners & Stainless steel Body with glass stop designBrass Burners & Stainless steel Body with glass stop design
No. of Burners2 to 4 Burner gas stoves are available.2 to 4 no. of burners
Auto IgnitionAvailableAvailable
DesignElica has one of the slimmest gas stoveGood.
InstallationDo it yourself or call a technician from brandDo it yourself or call a technician from brand
After Sales ServiceDepends on the area.Depends on the area you live.
WarrantyAlmost all have at least 2 to 5 years of warranty.Glen provides 1 to 2 years on their gas stoves.
PriceAs compared to Glen its more expensive.Less expensive.

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Comparison Guide Between Glen and Elica Gas Stoves

compare glen vs elica gas stove
Compare Glen and Elica gas stove


Actually material is the main thing that actually tells about the durability of the product. And the best part is that both the brands, whether Elica or Glen, come with a fully stainless steel body with brass burners. So stainless steel makes it rust-proof and brass burners can withstand the flame without any damage and give longer life.

But nowadays glass top designs are pretty common and these brands are used high-quality toughened glass which sustains the high load.

Types of Gas Stoves

According to the no. of burners, Elica and Glen both have 2, 3, and 4 number burner options but neither of them manufactures single burner gas stoves. So as per your requirement you can choose one of them.

As per the design, Elica, and Glen both manufacture Stainless steel and Glass Top gas stoves. So if you want a budget gas stove then simply go with a stainless steel gas stove but if you want a good design in a gas stove then choose a Glass top.

Apart from that, both brands manufacture inbuilt Hob and it also can be 2 burners, 3 burners, and 4 burners.

Durability and Design

As I told you earlier, durability can be defined by the materials from which they are made. So if they are made up of good material then obviously they are durable but if not then they are not.

Here both the brands are used high-quality stainless steel for the body and brass burners which makes them durable.

And when it comes to design for gas stoves Elica definitely wins because Elica has the slimmest options for gas stoves. But when it comes to hob then both Elica and Glen are almost similar.

Auto Ignition Functions on Gas Stoves

Nowadays this is one of the most advanced functions for gas stoves. Because in earlier days we needed a separate lighter or match to ignite the burner but due to the auto-ignition function, it burns out automatically.

And the best part is that this smart function is available on both brands but these auto ignition gas stoves are a little expensive.


A gas stove does not require installation, you just need to keep on the self. But When it comes to Hob then it needs proper installation. And the installation process can be done by yourself or you can call a technician from these brands. 

But these technicians charge extra for installation which ranges between Rs.300 to Rs.800 depending on your area and brand.


Not only gas stoves but each and every kitchen appliance needs daily cleaning and maintenance. Actually we use our gas stoves twice or thrice a day and that is why gas stove becomes dirty, and because of dirt there is a risk of rust on the gas stove which can damage your gas stove.

So if you want to use your gas stove for long years then you need to clean your gas stove on a frequent basis.

Warranty and After Sales Service

When we are going to choose a home or kitchen appliances warranty is also one of the main factors which you should keep in mind. And here both the brands Elica and Glen provide 2 years of comprehensive warranty on their gas stoves so within two years of use if you face any problem then you can claim your warranty.

But the after-sales service depends on the area. So if you want a gas stove from these two brands then first you should know which brand provides good service in your area and then choose a gas stove.

But if you want my suggestion about the after-sales service then Elica provides better service than Glen. Because now Elica is a pretty famous brand and you get their service in almost every city but as compared to Elica, Glen is not that famous.

Price Comparison

We all know that Indians love high-quality products in a budget-friendly price range. And when we are comparing the price difference between the Elica gas stoves and Glen gas stoves then Glen provides their gas stoves at a little less price whether it’s a normal gas stove or auto ignition gas stove.

So if you want a budget-friendly gas stove then go for Glen. But for good design go with Elica.

Sales and Customer reviews

As I told you earlier that Elica is much more famous than Glen which is why when it comes to sales Elica comes first whether it’s an online market or an offline market.

When it comes to customer reviews Elica got good reviews as compared to Glen gas stoves and as per our research, The most common problem with the Glen is related to its burner. So if you are going to buy a Glen gas stove, first check all its parts and then only ignite it for safety purposes.

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Which brand of the gas stove should you choose, Glen or Elica?

Both brands have their own advantages and disadvantages 

When it comes to Elica, the advantages are Good design, they have the slimmest gas stove, Good service, the number of sales is more, and good customer reviews. And the disadvantage is they are expensive.

But on the other hand, Glen gas stoves are more budget-friendly, and designs are also good but service and build quality are a little poor.

So if you have no budget problem then choose Elica gas stoves but if you want budget-friendly good looking gas stoves then choose Glen gas stoves.

Some Top Picks from Elica and Faber

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)

This is one of the top-selling gas stoves from Elica which comes with 2, 3, and 4 burner options. So you can select as per your requirement. Apart from that, all the burners are completely built with brass, and the whole body is built with stainless steel which makes it rust-proof and increases the life span of the gas stove.

The whole upper surface is completely covered with toughened glass which not only makes it beautiful but also makes it durable. And because of this smooth glass top, it’s very easy to clean.

The ergonomically designed stylish knobs are responsible for super smooth functioning and its easy to operate. Other than that the stainless steel supports plates are also available which enhances its sturdiness.

It has 2 medium size burners and 1 small size of the burner which makes it perfect for different sizes of cooking appliances. So that you can use all types of utensils much more conveniently.

Apart from all those functions now comes to warranty, this gas stove from Elica comes with 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product.

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful design.
  • Durable materials are used.
  • Ergonomic knobs.
  • All the safety functions are available.


  • No large-size burner is available.

Why should you buy this?

So if you want a high-quality Elica gas stove in the budget segment then this is one of the top-selling gas stoves Elica which is durable as well as beautiful.

Elica Slimmest 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (904 CT VETRO 2J)

This is the slimmest gas stove from Elica which is a little bit expensive but if you want a beautiful design and you have a big budget then this 4-burners super slim gas stove can make your kitchen shine.

To ensure its durability here brass burners are used with a stainless steel body which makes them rustproof and long-lasting. Apart from that, the glass top is fully covered with toughened glass.

The best part is that all the burners are surrounded by double drip trays which absorb all spills on the gas stove top. And it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Because of the slim design of this gas stove, the knob placement is on the top and it’s easy to operate. And these knobs support auto ignition, So to ignite this gas stove you will not require a separate lighter.

On this product from Elica, you will get 5 year of long warranty on the burners and also on toughened glass which ensures the product’s durability and trustworthiness.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra slim design.
  • Auto ignition is available.
  • A long warranty on glass and burners.
  • Bakelite knob.
  • Spill-proof trays are available.


  • Super expensive.

Why should you buy this?

So if you have a high budget and you want a most advanced and beautiful gas stove then this gas stove is the perfect choice for you.

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Glen 4 Burner LPG Glass Gas Stove (CT4B55BLBB)

This is one of the best-selling gas stoves from Glen which is a four-burner stove, of these four two jumbo burners and two medium size burners. So with the different sizes of burners, you can easily use all sizes of vessels to cook.

Complete brass burners and a full stainless steel body are available which ensures its sturdiness and makes it long-lasting. Other than that the top surface is fully covered with toughened glass which provides an elegant look.

Around the burners, there is a drip tray that absorbs all the food spillage which makes it much easier to clean. And because of the ergonomically designed knob, it can easily be operated.

To enhance your convenience of use there is a smart 360-degree swivel type revolving inlet nozzle available so that you can easily connect to your gas pipe.

Glen also provides 2 years of long warranty on this gas stove which makes it much more trustworthy.

Pros and Cons


  • Much more budget-friendly as compared to Elica.
  • Durable materials are used.
  • A warranty is available.
  • Easy to clean and easy to operate.


  • There are no medium size burners.

Why should you buy this?

So this gas stove is a more budget-friendly 4-burner gas stove than Elica. So if you have a tight budget and want a good and high-quality gas stove then you can choose this one.

Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove(1043 GT BB BL AI)

This is also a four-burner gas stove from Glen where 2 large burners and 2 small-size burners are available with sturdy pan supports to tackle all sizes of vessels easily.

The whole body is completely built with stainless steel and all brass burners are used to ensure its durability and provide longer life.

Apart from that, it’s a glass top gas stove that comes with 6 mm thick glass which not only makes it durable but it also glamorizes your kitchen.

This gas stove is equipped with an ergonomically designed knob that is easy to operate and also supports multi-spark auto ignition, which helps to ignite the gas stove without the use of a lighter or matchstick.

It comes with 2 years of long warranty on the product so within two years if you face any problem then you can claim your warranty easily. Which makes it more trustworthy.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports all sizes of vessels.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A warranty is available.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to use due to the 360-degree revolving nozzle.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • No medium size burners.

Why should you buy this?

So this gas stove is completely the same as the above Glen gas stove but the only difference is its auto-ignition feature. So if you want to buy an auto ignition gas stove and you have a tight budget then this is one of the best options available in the market.

FAQs for Glen vs Elica Stoves

faqs for elica vs glen gas stove
FAQs for Glen and Elica Gas Stove

1. Is Glen a good brand for the gas stoves?

Glen is a multinational brand from Ireland which is one of the most famous brands for kitchen appliances in India. On the other hand, they mainly target budget segment customers. So yes, obviously if you want a gas stove in the budget segment then this is one of the best brands available in the market.

2. Is Glen an Indian brand?

No, Glen is not an Indian brand, it’s a brand from Ireland. They mainly provided budget-friendly products.

Conclusion: Glen or Elica Gas Stove

In This article, we have done a detailed comparison between Elica vs Glen gas stoves with their recommended products.

So which brand of gas stove do you like the most? Elica or Glen let me know in the comment box.

After reading the whole article about the compression between Glen gas stove vs Elica gas stove. If you are not able to find the best Elica or Glen gas stove then you can also choose our Top Picks:

For Glen:- Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove(1043 GT BB BL AI)

For Elica:- Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)

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