Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC? What is Dual Inverter AC?

If you want to choose an air conditioner and are confused between inverter vs dual inverter ac then in this article we have provided the complete and in-depth difference between inverter and dual inverter ac. So that you can choose one of them easily.

So we all know that in India we can survive without an AC, especially in the summers. But the problem is with an electricity bill because AC consumes lots of energy but this is not the case with inverter ACs and the dual inverter technology is much more advanced.

And in this article, we have done a detailed comparison between inverter vs dual inverter technology with their features, price, and their reliability.

So, without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

What is Inverter Technology?

If you need the most advanced and efficient electrical appliances then you should go with those appliances which are equipped with an inverter compressor. Because inverter technologies are designed in such a way that it consumes very less
(almost 20 to 50%) amount of electricity as compared to other traditional air compressors.

Inverter technology is a kind of technology that makes electrical appliances more efficient, consumes less electricity, and also produces less noise as compared to other traditional appliances.

Basically with this technology, the motor/compressor can adjust the speed according to the load.

Here is a simple example to understand easily

When we drive a vehicle and if we need to achieve faster speed then we need to accelerate it and the result is the engine needs more fuel to get that speed. But when we slow down then speed the engine needs less fuel.

Inverter technology also works on the same principle as an engine. Once the AC is on, the workload on the compressor is more because the AC has to lower the room temperature so it compressors faster, and consumes more power. But once the room temperature is equal to the set temperature then the compressor automatically slows down and the power consumption is also reduced.

History Of Inverter Technology in AC

  • In earlier times, reciprocating compressors were used in air conditioners and these are quite efficient and provide better cooling but they consume lots of energy and produce lots of noise and vibration.
  • So to reduce the energy consumption and lower the noise level we shifted to rotary compressors, these are quite energy-efficient and produce less noise than AC with reciprocating compressors but not that efficient for a longer run.
  • Then came the Inverter compressor which is also a rotary compressor but they are designed in such a way that the rotor of the compressor can change its speed according to the load which makes it more energy-efficient and provides a silent operation.
  • But in today’s era, we have dual inverter compressors which are even more advanced and efficient than an inverter compressor because these are equipped with two rotors so that the load is divided into both the rotors and compressed the air faster.

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What is Inverter Air Conditioner?

What is dual inverter ac and Inverter AC
What is dual inverter ac and Inverter AC

So inverter technology is one of the best ways to lower the energy level as well as the power consumption. So if the air conditioner is equipped with an inverter compressor then you can say that it is an inverter air conditioner.

But Single Inverter compressors are equipped with a single rotor.  Although these are fully compatible with DC and capable of changing the speed according to the load. But these are not as efficient as Dual Inverter technology.

Being a single rotor, the compression load would be high, which will also reduce the cooling efficiency and increase the vibration.

What is Dual Inverter Air Conditioner?

Dual Inverter AC’s are one step ahead of the single inverter AC and these are also advanced options available in the market. Basically, dual inverter compressors also known as twin rotary compressors are equipped with two rotors.

Being twin rotors, the compression load would be lower as compared to a single inverter compressor, which will also increase the cooling efficiency and also decrease the vibration.

Twin rotary compressors also consume less electricity as compared to single inverter ACs.

Difference Between Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC

Inverter AC and Dual Inverter AC

So as of now, we have seen the definitions, and the working principles of dual Inverter AC. and now we are going to differentiate Inverter AC with Dual inverter AC. So let’s begin.

1) Compressors

difference in Compressors

So the first and the main difference between inverter and dual inverter AC is the compressors. Normal Inverters are equipped with a compressor with a single rotor which is also energy-efficient and provides better performance than a non-inverter compressor.

But when we talk about dual inverter compressors then these are equipped with dual rotors. So the load is divided into both and provides faster cooling and also energy efficiency than a normal inverter compressor.

2) Energy Consumption

difference in energy consumption

Dual inverter ACs consume less energy as compared to normal inverters ACs. So let’s understand how?

Because a dual inverter has a dual rotor so to compress the refrigerant it needs just half of the RPM than a normal inverter compressor. And because two rotors are worked together at a low RPM so it also required less power to achieve the cooling temperature.

3) Life Span

difference in life span

Dual inverter compressors have two rotors and due to that, they can compress the refrigerant with just half RPM as compared to a normal air compressor. 

So because the load is lesser on the dual inverter compressor so that the life span of dual inverter AC is also higher than a normal inverter ac.

4) Cooling Performance

difference in cooling performance

We generally want ac to maintain the temperature of our room. So it’s also necessary to compare the cooling performance.

Twin rotary compressors have two impellers and rotors. So obviously two rotors and impellers are more capable of doing the compression process, which means the output is also better on a dual inverter compressor.

But because a normal inverter compressor is equipped with a single impeller and rotor so the load for compression is also higher and the output is also lesser.

5) Vibration and Noise Level

difference in noise level and vibration

Because the single rotor is a normal inverter compressor that’s why it has to rotate at a much higher RPM to compress the refrigerant. Because of that, it produces more noise and vibration.

But this is not the case with dual inverter compressors because these are equipped with dual rotors that can provide good performance with even low RPM. 

So dual inverter ACs provide much silent operation than normal inverter ACs.

6) Price

difference in price

Obviously, because dual inverter AC’s are the latest and most advanced technology and also provide much more efficient performance than an inverter ac. So the price of these AC’s is also expensive.

But on the other hand Inverter, ACs are much more affordable than dual inverter ACs.

Note:- But the price also depends on the brands.

FAQs: Inverter AC vs Dual Inverter AC

Does dual inverter AC really save electricity?

Inverter technology and dual inverter technology are really helping to save electricity. But there is a condition that if you have to operate your AC at least 7 to 10 hours a day then only you can see a significant amount of change in your electricity bill.

But dual inverter technology is much more energy-efficient than inverter technology.

What is the disadvantage of inverter AC?

Here are two major disadvantages of inverter AC:-

1. Inverter ACs are more expensive than a normal air conditioner.
2. If you want to save electricity bills with inverter AC’s then you need to operate these machines for a longer duration.

Which is more reliable Inverter AC or Dual Inverter AC?

The twin-rotor compressor makes the dual inverter AC more efficient and because of that, the load is divided into both the rotors which help to enhances its durability and makes it more reliable as compare to normal inverter AC which is equipped with a single rotor.

Which types of ACs are more expensive Inverter AC or Dual Inverter AC?

Because dual inverter AC is much advanced and efficient than a single inverter AC. That’s why the dual inverter ac is more expensive than a single inverter ac.

Conclusion: Difference between dual inverter ac and inverter ac

In This article, we have discussed in detail about dual inverter AC and also compare inverter vs dual inverter ac.

So if you have any doubt regarding this guide then let me know in the comment box.

So the conclusion is that dual inverter AC’s are much more efficient than normal inverter AC’s but these are also expensive options available. 

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