Is It Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator?

It would not be wrong if the compressor is called the heart of the refrigerator and the liquid refrigerant (Which creates the cooling effect inside the refrigerator) is called the refrigerator’s blood. 

A compressor is a device in a refrigerator that compresses the refrigerant and maintains the flow of that refrigerant to the refrigerating areas, which helps to handle the cooling process of your entire refrigerator.

So if your refrigerator shows any symptoms that it is not giving you optimum cooling performance, it could be due to horrible compressor conditions.

So to repair or replacing a compressor is a costlier process. In any case, if your refrigerator compressor fails, we do not recommend a replacement. But there are a few cases where you can replace or repair refrigerator compressors.

So let’s take a closer look at those processes.

Can Fridge Compressor be Repaired or Replaced?

fridge compressor replacement
Fridge compressor replacement

Yes, a refrigerator compressor can be replaced or repaired but it’s not an easy process to change or repair a compressor, it needs lots of technical knowledge. So a newbie can not do this, it needs professionalism because this process requires removing the refrigerant carefully, and after repairing the compressor again it needs to be recharged.

Which makes this process much more complicated as well as expensive. So if you do not know about the whole process, please do not try to repair or replace the compressor at home.

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Should I Replace a Compressor on a Refrigerator? Who Should Replace?

Is It Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator
Replace Refrigerator Compressor or Buy New

As I told you earlier that repairing or replacing a refrigerator is a complicated as well as a super expensive process. This whole process may cost you almost half of your refrigerator cost. So there is no point in fixing the compressor of a refrigerator that is 10 to 15 years old. So the better option is to add some extra money and buy a brand new refrigerator which can give you last long performance.

But if your refrigerator is not so old and you never repair it as of now, and you think your refrigerator condition is excellent apart from the compressor problem, it might be the right decision to change the refrigerator compressor. 

But in our opinion, you should repair or replace your refrigerator compressor when your refrigerator is in the warranty period other than that in most cases you should go for a brand new refrigerator.

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How to Find Out If Refrigerator Compressor is Bad or Not?

So there are a few steps which you have to follow to know if your compressor condition is good or bad.

Strong Clicking Noise With Excess Heat

First, you need to hear the humming or clicking sound coming from the back of the refrigerator, if the strong humming or clicking noise comes more often and with that, you feel excess heat coming from the back then it’s very much possible that your refrigerator compressor is in bad condition.

But there is a high chance if there is any problem with the thermostat then also you notice excess heat coming from the refrigerator. So the heating issue is not always connected to the compressor.

High-Temperature Issue Inside the Refrigerating Space

If there is any fault with the compressor then you notice that your refrigerator is not able to give you optimum performance.

So you should also check if the refrigerator compressor is constantly running but then also it can not able to give you optimum cooling performance then there is a maximum possibility that the compressor is faulty.

In this condition also there is one more possibility if the refrigerant system fails or there is any leakage of refrigerant then also your refrigerator is not able to deliver optimum cooling performance.

Require Excessive Electrical Load

If any refrigerator compressor is in bad condition then there is a very high chance that it requires way more power ( almost 4 to 5X more) as compared to the normal compressor.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Refrigerator | Replace Refrigerator Compressor Cost

The cost of the compressor actually depends on the condition as well as the type of refrigerator. Generally, the replacement cost of a compressor is between $100 to $400 depending on the type of refrigerator.

Apart from the replacement cost, you have also to pay an additional service charge which is somewhere between $100 to $150 because of the lengthy process. This means the total repair cost is between $200 to $450 which is equal to the half cost of a brand new refrigerator.

But if you want the exact repair cost for your refrigerator then you need to consult a professional repair person who has the proper qualification for this task.

Once you know the total repair cost then you can easily decide whether you should go for the repair or not.

How to Take Care of Your Refrigerator Compressor?

The refrigerator compressor does not wear out quickly. It’s actually not that hard to extend its life.

If a layer of dust accumulates around the coil there are some cleaning actions you can take to extend the life of the compressor you can clean them with the help of a piece of paper or if needed you can also use a brush.

Note: But remember one thing if you use water or any liquid to clean the compressor coil then wait for the compressor to dry completely after that only you can turn on the refrigerator. Because if water presents and you turn it on then there may be a possibility of a short circuit.

Apart from the cleaning process also provide the exact voltage range which is compatible with the refrigerator. Although nowadays all refrigerators come with a built-in stabilizer if there is any major voltage fluctuation happening in your area then the inbuilt stabilizers can not handle it. you should buy a separate stabilizer to handle it properly.

How Long Does a Compressor Last?

As I told you earlier that a compressor is one of the strongest parts of a refrigerator and it does not wear out so quickly. That’s the only reason brands provide long warranties on their refrigerators.

So if you properly take care of your refrigerator compressor then it can easily last for 10 to 12 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Is It Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator
FAQs Is It Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator

Is it worth replacing the compressor on the LG/Samsung/Whirlpool refrigerator?

If your refrigerator is not so old (less than 8 years) then I suggest you go for the compressor replacement process, But you have to make sure that there are no more problems in your fridge.

And the second thing is, if your refrigerator is in the warranty period then you definitely go for the replacement because you get a free service from your brand.

Can the fridge compressor be repaired?

Of course yes, your refrigerator compressor can be easily repaired. But if any case compressor is completely damaged, then it also can be replaced.

Is it worth repairing a 10-year-old refrigerator?

A normal refrigerator’s life span is 10 to 15 years. So it is very risky to replace or repair the compressor of a 10-year-old refrigerator. Because this repairing process can cost you almost half of your refrigerator. So consult a technician before repairing.

How long does it take to chill a refrigerator after compressor replacement?

If the compressor replacement is successful then it will take the same time to cool down as it was before.

Can I replace a refrigerator compressor myself?

Do not attempt to replace or repair a compressor refrigerator yourself if you do not have experience because it has lots of technical processes. So go for an experienced technician.


So the conclusion is replacing or repairing a refrigerator compressor is a costlier process. So if your refrigerator is under warranty or your refrigerator is not more than 8 years old and apart from that condition of the refrigerator is good then you can think about the replacement of the refrigerator compressor.

But in most cases, it is a wise decision to replace the entire refrigerator because replacing a compressor cost is almost equivalent or half of a new refrigerator.

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