LG vs Samsung AC: Which One is Better for You

Samsung and LG are well-known brands not only in India but all over the world. And I am sure you must have used at least one product from LG or Samsung. In India LG and Samsung provide the most innovative cooling systems with all the smart functions.

So if you want advanced ACs and you are confused between LG vs Samsung ACs then in this article we have provided the detailed compression between LG and Samsung ACs. So that you can easily choose the perfect one as per your requirements.

Further in this guide, we will describe the various factors about both brands. So with any further delay let’s get straight into it.

LG and Samsung Brand Overview

So both the giants are the best brand for electronics. But we should also know about their history. So let’s know a little about the history of those brands.


LG is a South Korean multinational brand that is involved in multiple categories and the cooling system is one of them. This brand was founded in 1947, but it was established in India in 1997. So they have been working in India for a long time because of their high-quality products with amazing service.


Samsung is also a South Korean giant like LG And Samsung is also involved in different industries with their different products. This brand was founded in 1938 but came to India in 1995.

So Both the brands come to India long ago and because of their good service and innovative technologies, these become India’s topmost brands for electronics and cooling systems.

Samsung or LG AC Which is Better: Detailed Compression

Samsung AC vs LG AC
Detailed Comparison: Samsung AC vs LG AC

Here we have taken some major factors and with the help of that, we are comparing Samsung ACs with LG ACs. With this comprehensive guide, we will also provide the conclusion which will help you to choose the right decision.

LG Dual Inverter AC vs Samsung Digital Inverter | Samsung Triple Inverter AC vs LG Dual Inverter AC

LG Dual Inverter AC:- LG is the first brand to come up with dual inverter technology. Generally, normal ACs are equipped with single rotary compressors but in this technology, the compressor has two rotors that work at the same time so the load is equally divided into two parts which ensures its long life.

Apart from that it also enhances its efficiency, consumes less electricity, and also provides faster cooling as compared to single rotor compressors.

Samsung Triple Inverter Technology:- Samsung’s triple inverter technology is also known as Samsung’s digital inverter technology. According to its name, a triple inverter does not mean that it requires a triple rotor.

This technology uses an 8 pole motor, which is the advanced version of a four-pole motor. These extra 4 poles of the motor help to reduce the fluctuations in the torque that helps to rotate the rotor more stably so the result creates minimal noise and it also helps to improve the cooling performance.

So nowadays almost all the brands come up with dual inverter or twin-rotor technology but very few brands are available with triple inverter technology. So both the technology is good for silent operation and improved performance.


For Split AC LG and Samsung, both have simple designed AC, and also wave pattern designed AC. So for split AC according to me, both have good design. So you can choose any one of your choices.

But for window AC, Samsung comes with a normal design like any other brand but LG has a top air discharge design which makes it cooler and different from any other brand. 

And in recent times, Samsung has stopped making window ACs, so if you want window AC from Samsung then you will have to take their old models only.

Build Quality and Durability

Samsung as well as LG both brands ACs are built with high-quality plastic materials which feel premium. Other than that both the brands are equipped with copper coils which makes them durable and helps to provide faster cooling but in LG AC’s copper coils are covered with ocean black layer which provides unbeatable protection against humidity, dust, sand, and other chemicals.

Except this LG AC can handle the voltage fluctuations between 120V to 290V and Samsung ACs are built to handle 130V to 290V. So here also LG can handle large fluctuations but in practice both come with stabilizer free operations do not need to worry.

But the best thing About Samsung is that it comes with a long comprehensive warranty than LG or any other brand.

Cooling Performance

LG ACs are equipped with twin inverter compressors which have dual rotors that compress the refrigerant faster and copper coils are used to carry those gases. So it can provide faster cooling. The LG AC works very comfortably even at an ambient temperature of 52°C.

Samsung AC’s are equipped with digital inverter compressors which have 8 Pole motors which not only provide better stability but also help to rotate the rotor faster which leads to better cooling. And Samsung also claims that their ACs don’t trip even at a 54-degree ambient temperature.

So the conclusion is that if you live in areas where the ambient temperature is very high, then go for Samsung. Otherwise, choose LG, LG provides mild cooling and also helps to save energy as well.

Convertible Modes

The best thing is that LG and Samsung both have 5 in one convertible functions where you have 5 options from 40% to 120%. So if required, you can select 110% or 120% which helps to increase the cooling performance.

Noise Levels

As I told you earlier that due to mild cooling and dual inverter compressor LG ACs are quite silent as compared to Samsung. And Samsung provides strong airflow which increases its noise levels.

LG,s split ACs create noise between 32db to 35 dB While Samsung produces noise up to 45 dB. Which is quite high.


Both Samsung and LG ACs have remote control systems where you have the option to select the temperature, convertible modes, filters, timers, etc. So You can easily control the AC.

But apart from remote control LG ACs have come with wi-fi controls as well as voice controls. Where you can control LG Acs with your mobile phone which makes it different from other brands.


We can say that refrigerant is the blood of an air conditioner. So it’s necessary to check which types of refrigerant are used.

And likely both brands Samsung as well as LG used R32 refrigerant which is quite efficient for cooling and eco friendly.

Service From Brands

As we know both LG and Samsung have been working in India for a long time so both have their service centers in almost every city in India.

But LG claims for same-day installation But in most cases, LG is not able to fulfill this promise. And the good thing about LG is that they have a dedicated team of technicians for after-sales service. That is why LG provides good service as compared to other brands.

I say that the installation process of Samsung is quite good. But After-sales service is not up to the mark Because Samsung AC does not sell as much as compared to LG, Voltas, or Daikin and due to this reason Samsung hires technicians mostly during the summer season.

So LG delivers better service than Samsung.


Generally, LG ACs come with 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product, 5 years of long warranty on the PCB, and 10 years of long warranty on the compressor. 

But Samsung provides 5 years of comprehensive warranty on the product and And another 10 years of long warranty on compressors.

Which AC is Better LG or Samsung?

LG ACs are equipped with many advanced functions like they have Wifi, Voice control so you can control LG ACs from your mobile phone. Other than that LG has another smart function called smart diagnosis, if you face any error on your AC then this function will automatically tell you the process to fix that error with the help of a mobile application called the Smart thinQ app. Apart from that LG ACs are much more silent than Samsung ACs but LG is good for mild cooling.

On the other hand, Samsung ACs are equipped with all the required functions and because of the 8 pole digital motor, they can deliver strong cooling even in high ambient temperatures. And the main advantage of Samsung is their warranty period, Samsung ACs come with 5 year of long warranty on the motor with 10 year of long warranty on the compressor.

So if you want advanced AC with all the smart functions with silent operation and good after-sales service then go with LG ACs.

But if you live in those areas where the ambient temperature is very high and you want strong cooling with a long warranty period then go with Samsung ACs.

Few Recommended ACs from Samsung and LG

Here we have provided the reviews of a few top-selling ACs from both brands with their advantages and disadvantages. So if you do not want to waste your time on research then you can also choose one of them.

LG vs Samsung Split AC | Samsung vs LG inverter AC

LG vs Samsung Split AC
LG vs Samsung Split AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC (2022 Model, PS-Q19YNZE)

51knvCUIsuL. SL1500 »

This LG AC is one of the top-selling inverter Split AC in India which comes with 1.5 Ton of capacity making it perfect for medium size of rooms. So you can easily use this AC for 150 to 180 sq ft. of area.

The best part is that it’s a dual inverter 5 star AC with the ISEER rating of 4.73 which is quite high. And these factors show that it consumes very little energy as compared to other normal ACs.

The air filter and dehumidifier function are also available to maintain the humidity level and purify the room air perfectly.

It also has 100% copper coils which not only help for faster heat transfer but the extra black ocean protection available on the coil makes it durable and prevents gas leakage.

This AC has the 5 in 1 convertible function where you can select the cooling performance from 40% to 110% which is great for power saving when you need less cooling. 

If you want a good-looking AC then this LG AC can be the perfect option available in the market because it has a beautiful wave pattern design which makes it more beautiful.

Apart from all the features this AC also comes with 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product, 5 years of long warranty on the motor, and 10 years of long warranty on the compressor.

Pros and Cons


  • 5 in 1 convertible option is available.
  • Extra protection is available on copper coils.
  • Super silent Ac only produces 31 dB.
  • Stabilizer free operations.
  • Latest R 32 refrigerant is available.
  • Dual inverter compressor for better efficiency.


  • Little expensive.
  • Less comprehensive warranty on the product.

Samsung 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (2022 Model AR18BYMZAUR)

51C fYACkBL. SL1500 »

This 1.5 Ton AC comes from the brand Samsung. This AC also comes with great design and the front wall of the AC is fully decorated with flower patterns which makes it even more beautiful.

This Samsung AC is also got a 4-star energy rating from BEE and this digital inverter AC has the ISEER rating of 4.12 which is good but as compared to LG the value is a bit lesser.

This AC also supports a convertible mode where we can select the cooling range from 40% to 120%. This not only helps to save some electricity but if required you can operate the AC above its maximum limits.

This Samsung AC also uses a 100% pure copper coil which makes this AC durable and the best part about copper is that it’s ideal for heat exchange.

It can handle voltage ranges between 130V to 290V. So you do not need a separate stabilizer to operate this air conditioner.

Because of the digital inverter compressor, this AC can cool the room faster and the best part is that it can provide you better performance even when the ambient temperature reaches 54 degrees celsius.

In this air conditioner latest, R 32 refrigerant is used which helps for faster cooling and it’s an eco-friendly gas so it does not harm the environment.

Apart from all those this AC is also equipped with multiple features like an air filter, dehumidifier, etc. Which makes this AC even more efficient.

Pros and Cons


  • Elegant design.
  • Efficient and eco-friendly gas is used.
  • Faster cooling.
  • Highly durable.
  • The convertible function is available.
  • Stabilizer-free operations are available.


  • Consumes more energy.
  • Creates more noise.

LG vs Samsung Window AC

LG vs Samsung Window AC
LG vs Samsung Window AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC (JW-Q18WUZA)

61EDSX8VqXL. SL1500 »

This is the best-selling inverter window AC which comes with a futuristic design. This model has a top air discharge which makes it different from other window ACs. It also comes with 1.5 Ton of capacity which makes it perfect for the medium size of the room.

It is a 5-star twin inverter compressor with an ISEER rating of 3.5. So as compared to other window AC this window AC is much more energy-efficient.

The best thing is that it supports wifi control and voice control (works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). These advanced features create a difference between this window AC and other ACs.

Latest R 32 refrigerant is used as a cooling gas which not only makes it efficient but it’s eco friendly and also helps to provide faster cooling.

This also has stabilizer-free operation so you do not need a separate stabilizer to operate this air conditioner. And the black ocean coating is also available on the copper coil which makes it rust-resistant.

The smart diagnosis function is also available on this device where you can connect it with your mobile phone then this function helps to diagnose the problems.

This LG window AC also comes with 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the product and 5 years of long warranty on PCB and 10 years of long warranty on the compressor.

Pros and Cons


  • Good design.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant is used.
  • Stabilizer free operations.
  • A smart diagnosis function is available.
  • Extra protection on copper coils.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Silent operations.


  • Little more expensive than other brands.
  • Remote has limited features.

FAQs for LG AC vs Samsung AC

LG vs Samsung AC
FAQs for LG vs Samsung Air Conditioners

1. Which AC is best, LG or Samsung?

Both Samsung, as well as LG, are the best brand for air conditioners and it completely depends on your needs and which one is best for you.

Generally, LG ACs are known for their advanced features, almost noiseless operations, and for their energy efficiency but they provide mild cooling. But on the other hand, Samsung ACs are known for their good design and strong cooling.

So if you want advanced features in AC then go for LG. But if you live in those areas where the ambient temp is quite high then go for Samsung.

2. Is LG window AC good?

LG window ACs are a little different than any other brands available in the market. LG provides top air discharges in their models which creates a difference, apart from the design LG window ACs are also equipped with advanced functions like wifi control and voice control. But these are a little expensive.

Conclusion: Which is Better LG AC or Samsung AC

In This article, we have done a detailed comparison between LG vs Samsung AC with their recommended products.

So LG ACs are advanced, silent, attractive, and more energy-efficient than Samsung ACs. But Samsung ACs can deliver strong cooling performance and they also come with a good design. 

So which brand of air conditioner do you like the most? LG or Samsung let me know in the comment box.

After reading the whole article about the Samsung air conditioner vs LG air conditioner, if you are not able to find the best LG or Samsung air conditioner then you can also choose our Top Picks:

For LG:- LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC (2022 Model, PS-Q19YNZE)

For Samsung:- Samsung 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (2022 Model AR18BYMZAUR)

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