What is Frost Free Refrigerator? How It’s Different From a Direct Cool Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is an essential appliance that is definitely a must-have in your kitchen. And generally, nowadays we all have a refrigerator whether it is small or big in size, whether it is expensive or cheap. But we all own this device.

If you have an older refrigerator or a single-door refrigerator, you would be aware of frost forming around the freezer section. And if the ice in the freezer is allowed to freeze like this, a pearly layer of ice will freeze and eventually cover the entire freezer section with ice.

To avoid this phenomenon, the defrost button was present in older refrigerators. When we press this button, the evaporator coil around the freezer gets heated for some time so that all the frozen ice melts and the freezer becomes clean as before.

But nowadays refrigerators are getting advanced and they have come with auto defrost technology which is also known as frost-free technology.

So in this article, we will know what is a frost-free refrigerator and its working principle, advantages, and disadvantages. So stay tuned with us to know in detail about frost-free technology in refrigerators.

Without any further delay let’s get straight into the article.

What is a frost-free refrigerator?

What is frost free technology and how it works
What is frost-free technology and how it work

A frost-free refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that comes with frost-free technology which means you do not need to spend extra time cleaning the frost that forms in the freezer section. 

Frost-free refrigerators primarily use the convection or indirect cooling method. Frost-free refrigerators have hidden evaporator coils (also called cooling coils) and a blower inside the refrigerator is used to draw cold air into each compartment to maintain the required temperature.

So that the food items do not come in direct contact with the evaporating coils (or cooling coils) and prevent frost formation inside the freezer compartment. It not only saves your extra effort but also helps in retaining the original aroma and taste of the foods.

How does a frost-free refrigerator work? Working principle of a frost-free refrigerator?

Frost basically forms when the water vapor strick with the coil. So let’s understand how frost-free technology solves this problem. For frost-free technology to work properly, it is very important to have three components.

  1. Timer.
  2. Heating Coil or Heater.
  3. Temperature Sensor.

The timer is used to turn on the heater at the right time to prevent the formation of frost around the refrigerator. Every 5 to 6 hours the timer activates the heater and raises the temperature to zero degrees or 32 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains this temperature until the frozen ice melts. And the temperature sensor senses the temperature and when it goes above zero degrees then it turns off the heater.

Hence this process is repeated every 5-6 hours. Due to this, the temperature of the freezer remains even without any frost formation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frost-Free Refrigerators

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frost Free Refrigerators
Advantages and Disadvantages of Frost-Free Refrigerators

After knowing about the frost-free technology now let’s know about its advantages and disadvantages. So that you can get a better idea about this technology.

Advantages of Frost Free Refrigerator

First, we are going to know about the advantages of frost-free technology:-

Required Less Maintenance

The first and foremost advantage of a frost-free refrigerator is that it requires almost no maintenance. Because indirect cool refrigerators need manual defrosting again and again but frost-free refrigerators can automatically defrost themselves. That is why it requires less maintenance. 

Keep Your Food Fresh For Longer

Because of excess frost formation on direct cool refrigerators, the original taste is not retained but it is not so in a frost-free refrigerator, here your proper taste is retained for a longer period of time.

Equipped with Thermostat

All frost-free refrigerators are equipped with a temperature sensor also known as a thermostat. So that you can easily monitor the refrigerator temperature. But this is not the case with direct cool refrigerators.

Using the Indirect Cooling method

They are equipped with a blower which draws the cool air from the cooling coils. Therefore the food does not need to come into direct contact with the cooling coil. So it can keep your foods healthy for a longer time.

Suitable for Large as well as Medium Families

Generally, frost-free refrigerators come in side-by-side, double-door, triple-door, and double-door variants which makes them perfect for medium and large families with more than 3 members.

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Disadvantages of Frost-Free Refrigerator

If you are planning to buy a frost-free refrigerator then you should also know the disadvantages of a frost-free refrigerator.


Frost-free refrigerators are one of the latest and most advanced technologies in refrigerators. That is why they are more expensive.

Not Suitable for Small Family

Generally, frost-free refrigerators come in a larger size than a direct cool refrigerator so if you have a small family of 2 to 3 members then the small-size refrigerators are perfect for you.

Consumes More Electricity

Frost-free refrigerators are larger in size and frequently defrost the refrigerator to prevent frost formation. Due to this, it consumes more electricity.

What is the Difference Between Direct Cool and Frost Free Refrigerator

After knowing all about the frost-free refrigerator. Here we have done a basic comparison guide that will give you a better idea about the frost-free refrigerator.


Generally, direct cool refrigerators come with a single compartment design, And inside the same compartment, there is a section available for the freezer. But Frost-free refrigerators come with a multi-compartment design, so there is a separate compartment available for the freezer section.

Other than that, a frost-free refrigerator also comes with convertible modes so that you can also convert your refrigerating and freezing compartment according to your need.


As I told you earlier, a direct cool fridge requires frequent cleaning of frosted ice, but the frost-free refrigerator can automatically defrost itself so it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Heating Issues

Frost-free refrigerators use a special heating system to prevent frost formation. which also heats the exterior of the refrigerator. But in a direct cool refrigerator, you won’t see any heating problems.


Frost-free technology is the latest and most advanced technology that helps to keep your food ingredients fresh and healthy for a longer time than a direct cool refrigerator. So obviously you get better performance on frost-free refrigerators.

Convertible Options

Frost-free refrigerators come with a multi-compartment design which is why the convertible option is also there. You can easily convert your refrigerator with different modes depending on your needs.

But direct cool refrigerators are not equipped with convertible options because they generally come with only one compartment.


As I told you earlier, direct cool refrigerators come with a small capacity and are good for small families. But the frost-free refrigerators come with a large capacity and are good for medium to large families.


Frost-free technology is one of the most advanced and latest technologies available in refrigerators. So obviously frost-free refrigerators are more expensive than direct cool refrigerators.

FAQs for What is Frost Free Fridge

FAQs for what is frost free refrigerator
FAQs for what does frost-free fridge mean

Which is better: direct cool or frost-free?

Frost Free refrigerators do not require manual defrosting, they generally come larger in size and they are more expensive on the other hand, direct cool refrigerators require manual defrosting, they are smaller in size and are less expensive.
So now it’s impossible to say which one is better. It completely depends on your needs, how much budget you have, and which size of the refrigerator is perfect for your needs.

What is the use of a frost-free refrigerator?

Frost Free refrigerators are equipped with frost-free technology which is mainly used to prevent frost formation in the freezer section. Because this technology helps to defrost itself after regular intervals.

Does a frost-free freezer use more electricity?

There are two reasons for a frost-free refrigerator uses more electricity:-

Larger Size:- Generally frost-free refrigerators come with a large capacity. So to cool this large space, the refrigerator needs more electricity.

Heating Coils:- Frost-free refrigerators are also equipped with heating coils and they keep activating themselves after a certain time to prevent ice build-up.

How do you defrost a frost-free refrigerator?

Frost-free refrigerators do not require manual defrosting. Those refrigerators are capable of defrosting on their own. So if you have a frost-free refrigerator then you don’t have to worry about defrosting.

Conclusion: What is the Meaning of a Frost-Free Refrigerator

In This article, we have provided a detailed guide regarding what is a frost-free refrigerator.

So if you have any doubt regarding this guide then let me know in the comment box.

So if now also you are confused and you are not able to decide if the frost-free refrigerator is good or not then I will tell you once again that. 

Frost Free refrigerators can defrost themselves automatically. Not only does this save you effort and time, but it also keeps foods fresh and healthy for a longer period.

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