What is Inverter Technology in Refrigerator?

If you are going to buy a refrigerator then you might hear the term “Inverter Compressor”. It sounds a bit technical but in this article, we are going to discuss, what is inverter technology in refrigerators and how it works?

So if you are not a technical guy and you are wondering what is inverter technology in the refrigerators then you are at the right place.

So before knowing about the inverter technology first you have to understand the working principle of the refrigerator.

So without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

How Does a Refrigerator or a Fridge Work?

The heat will always be transferred from a higher temperature object/space to a lower one then the space/object will get cooled. But how this process works on the refrigerator lets me know it in detail.

So to understand the process of refrigeration just remember two simple thoughts:-

  • When the liquid evaporates it absorbs heat
  • When liquid condenses it releases heat.

Household refrigerators have 5 main components:-

  • Throttling/Expansion Device
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Compressor
  • Condenser Coils
  • Refrigerant/Coolant

In the refrigerator, the freezer compartment is surrounded by the evaporator coils and these coils carry very low temperature (Can be up to -20 degrees celsius) liquid refrigerant. Which absorbs heat from the refrigerating space and turns it into vapor with constant temperature and pressure.

Now the compressor compresses the vapor refrigerant (that comes from the evaporator) with high pressure and temperature, so the temperature of the refrigerant is now above the temperature of the surrounding.

Now, this superheater vapor refrigerant sends to the condenser coils where the liquid releases the heat to the surroundings and changes its state from superheated vapor to a superheated liquid.

Now, this high-pressure heated liquid enters into the throttling device or expansion device, and these devices are designed in such a way that they can decrease the temperature of the liquid from 55 degrees celsius to -20 degrees celsius. And now again this super cold liquid enters into the evaporator and the whole process repeats again and again.

So the heat is constantly picked up from the refrigerator and taken outside of it. To maintain the desired cooling inside the refrigerator.

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How Does a Normal Compressor Work on a refrigerator?

A compressor is the most important part of the refrigerator and the main function is to compress the refrigerant at high pressure and temperature. It can compress the refrigerant and increase the pressure from 0.6 bar to 8 Bar and also raises the temperature up to 100-degree celsius.

A normal compressor can work on, on, and of principle. This means if we set a specific temperature for our refrigerator then the compressor is constantly working at its peak speed to get the desired temperature and after achieving the desired temp it automatically turns off.

But when the temperature of the refrigerating space goes down then again starts with its maximum capacity and repeats the same process to lower the temperature of the refrigerated space.

So because a normal compressor can only work at its maximum speed and because they are not designed for adjusting their speed, that is why they consume more power even in winter when the surrounding temperature is low. And also creates much noise as compared to normal compressors.

So if you are using a refrigerator with a normal compressor then you can relate to my words.

How Does an Inverter Compressor Work on a refrigerator?

So for your easy understanding, we will go to representing an example of a bike:-

When you are riding a bike and you want to get high speed, you need to rotate the accelerator, then the engine consumes more fuel to achieve that speed. But conversely, the engine requires less fuel during slow speeds.

It exactly happens with the inverter technology. A refrigerator with an inverter compressor can change its speed according to the workload

So if you set a specific temperature then to achieve that temperature the inverter compressor starts working but after achieving the temperature it will not shut down like a normal compressor, it actually slows down the speed of compression to maintain the correct temperature.

So in the winter season when the sounding temperature is low then also the inverter compressor can slow down its speed to lower the power consumption.

That is why inverter compressors are not wasting electricity by starting up at regular intervals and because they are working at a very less speed to reduce the noise and the vibration.

Inverter Refrigerator vs. Non-inverter Refrigerator

SpecificationsInverter RefrigeratorNon-Inverter Refrigerator
Energy ConsumptionLessMore
Noise & VibrationLessMore
Cooling PerformanceGoodGood
Life SpanMoreLess
Home Inverter CompatibilityCompatibleMay be

Advantages of a Refrigerator with Inverter Compressor


Energy Efficient:- As I told you earlier that inverter compressors can adjust their speed according to the load. So if the load is higher then the inverter compressor needs high electricity but if the workload is lower then it needs low energy to operate the refrigerator. So the inverter compressor makes the refrigerator more energy-efficient and consumes almost 30% less energy as compared to the normal refrigerator.


Minimize Vibration and Noise:- Once the refrigerator reaches the desired temperature then the compressor automatically slows down its speed to maintain the correct temperature. Because of the slow speed, it creates minimal vibration and noise. So you can get a silent operation with an inverter refrigerator.


Better Cooling:- In inverter technology, the compressor can run at a variable speed which makes it more efficient and enhances the cooling performance of the refrigerator too. And this technology is one of the most used technologies for most home appliances.


Long Life Span:- Inverter compressors are designed to adjust the speed depending on the load. And maximum time inverter compressors are run at a slower speed as compared to the non-inverter comparator which enhances its durability and provides a longer life span.


Home Inverter or Solar PV Compatible:-  Because inverter compressors consume low electricity as compared to normal refrigerators. So they can be easily run on the home inverter and solar PV.

Disadvantages of Inverter Refrigerator


Expensive:- Obviously, because inverter technology is one of the latest technologies and one of the most used technologies especially for refrigerators. Because of its high demand and lots of advantages, it makes it more expensive.


Slow Cooling Performance:- In inverter compressors start up slowly. So it can provide slow cloning as compared to non-inverter compressors. But due to this slow start, the chances of failure are reduced.

Few Energy Saving Tips for Refrigerators

  • Do Not Put Hot Substances on Refrigerators:- If you keep hot substances directly in the refrigerator then it can lower the inside temperature So first you need to cool the hot things to room temperature then you should keep them inside the refrigerator. Which not only saves your bill but also enhances the performance of your refrigerator.
  • Maintain an Adequate Amount Of Gap From Wall:- The backside of refrigerators constants condenser coils which rejects the heat from the refrigerant to surroundings. So if there is no gap between the wall and the refrigerator then heat rejection will not happen properly, due to which the load on the fridge will be high, so the power consumption will also be high. Hence you need to keep a gap of 5 to 8 inches between your refrigerator and the wall for optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Do Not Open The Door Frequently:- When you open the door of the refrigerator then the surrounding temperature flows to the refrigerator which increases the temperature of the refrigerator. So I need more power to maintain the temperature of the refrigerator.
  • Clean Your Refrigerator Properly:- Refrigerator has multiple cooling vents and you need to clean those vents frequently to enhance the cooling performance the load on the compressor is less hence less energy is consumed.
  • Clear the space around the cooling vents:- So the refrigerator has multiple cooling vents which help to cool the whole refrigerating space. But if you are overstuffing your refrigerator then it may happen that there is no space available to pass the cool air which decreases the performance of your refrigerator and increases the load on the refrigerator to maintain the temperature causing high electricity consumption.
  • Keep Appropriate Temperature Setting:- The last and most important piece of advice is to choose the temperature according to your need. And if you want a low electricity bill then keep your temperature low to medium. Because the more you lower the temperature of the refrigerator, the more power consumption increases.

FAQs for What is an Inverter Fridge

Can we run a refrigerator on an inverter?

A refrigerator with an inverter compressor can run at a variable speed which makes it much more power-efficient. And these refrigerators are compatible with home inverters and you can easily run these compressors with your home inverter.

What is the difference between an inverter and a non-inverter refrigerator?

Non- inverter refrigerators are working on, on, and off principle and can not run with variable speed. That is why these refrigerators are not energy efficient and produce more noise than inverter refrigerators.

And Refrigerators with inverter compressors can run at a variable speed which makes them energy efficient as well as provides a super silent operation.

Does an inverter really save electricity?

Inverter compressors are designed in such a way that they can run at variable speeds depending on the workload. So if the workload is lower then it consumes less and when the workload is higher then it consumes more. But this is not the case with non-inverter compressors.

That is why inverter compressors are much more efficient and also help to save electricity.

Is an inverter fridge worth it?

Inverter refrigerators consume less electricity and create less noise but these are much more expensive than non-inverter refrigerators but they can save your electricity bills and provide silent operation. So looking at all the advantages and disadvantages we can say that inverter refrigerators are worth it.

Conclusion: What is The Meaning of Inverter Refrigerator

In This article, we have provided a detailed guide regarding: what is inverter technology in refrigerator? and their working principle.

So if you have any doubt regarding this guide then let me know in the comment box.

So if now also you are confused and you are not able to decide if the inverter refrigerator is good or not then I will tell you once again that.

Inverter refrigerators are much more efficient than normal refrigerators because they consume less electricity, require less maintenance, and create less noise. 

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