What is Inverter Washing Machine? Is it Worth Buying?

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide regarding what is inverter washing machines? So if you are willing to know about the, what is inverter technology, how it works, advantages, and disadvantages. Then this guide is a gold mine for you.

There are different types of washing machines present in the market, and Inverter washing machines are one of them which are one of the most advanced washing machines and comes with lots of advanced and reliable functions.

What is an Inverter Washing Machine? In Short Inverter washing machines is a kind of normal washing machine but it is equipped with a special smart inverter motor which allows the washing machine to sense the amount of workload and according to that it can adjust the speed of the motor. This means it can consume less energy when the workload is less and vice versa. 

So the inverter washing machines consume less energy as well as deliver optimum performance with less noise level as compared to normal washing machines.

A simple example to understand easily?

Here we have taken an example of a Motor Bike so that you can easily understand the concept of inverter technology.

To get the faster speed we need to accelerate the bike which results in the engine needing more fuel to keep the ignition process running but if we slow down the bike the fuel consumption is also less.

So the bottom line is that a motorbike needs fuel based on the workload. The same happens with inverter technology, when the workload on the washing machine is more, then it needs more power but when it has less workload then it needs less power.

What is Inverter technology?

What is Inverter Washing Machine
What is Inverter Washing Machine

A normal washing machine or a non-inverter washing machine is equipped with a normal motor that always runs at the same speed irrespective of the load. Hence the result is that this type of washing machine consumes the same amount of electricity even if the machine has a low workload. Other than that because the motor runs at the same speed which makes it noisier and also produces high vibration.

A washing machine with inverter technology or an Inverter washing machine’s motor has the capability to run at a veritable speed based upon the load inside the washing machine.

So the inverter motor prevents the wastage of power in comparison with a normal motor and helps to save electricity. And because the inverter motor can run at a variable speed so the noise level and vibration are also less.

So I think now it’s clear that nowadays inverter technology is one of the must-have features for a washing machine.

How does Inverter Technology work on Washing Machines?

The Inverter technology completely depends on the sensors which are equipped with the washing machine. These sensors help to detect the load on the machine and based on the load it automatically determines the optimum speed at which the washing machine can deliver the optimum performance.

Basically, inverter technology required Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) motors or Brushless DC motors. So that it is capable of running at a valuable speed according to the load. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter Technology

Till now we have provided complete information about the inverter technology in the washing machine. And now we are going to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the inverter washing machine.


1. Energy Efficient:- The inverter motor has the capability to run at a variable speed depending on the workload given by us. This makes it energy efficient and consumes low-power electricity as compared to others.

2. Low Vibration and Noise Level:- Inverter technology also reduces the vibration and noise level of the motor as compared to conventional washing machines.

3. Highly Durable and Long Lasting:- Because inverter motors are designed for variable speed so it works on low friction that is why it delivers optimum performance for a longer period of time.

4. Low Maintenance:- Because of low friction and its improved design it requires almost zero maintenance.


1. Expensive:- Because Inverter technology is one of the latest designed technologies so it’s a little more expensive than other conventional washing machines. Other than this it has no major disadvantages.

Inverter Technology with Direct Drive Motor vs Conventional Motor

Direct Drive Motor

Direct-drive technology was invented by LG. And it is one of the effective latest technologies which is now very popular in the market.

In direct-drive technology, the motor is directly connected to the washtub to reduce the vibration and increase the performance of the motor and make it long-lasting. 

So the conclusion is, a direct drive motor with inverter technology enhances its performance and durability and makes a purely silent and vibration-less washing machine. 

Conventional Motor

Conventional washing machines are based on Belt Driven or pulley driven technology. So here the motor is not directly connected to the washtub they are connected through the belt or pulley that’s why they produce more vibration and noise levels. And they also require more maintenance. 

Why should you buy an inverter washing machine?

So from the earlier guide, you got a clear idea about inverter technology and when we mix this technology with washing machines then they become more energy-efficient and reduce the vibration and noise level.

So if you want a washing machine that consumes less electricity, requires less maintenance, and produces less noise and vibration then let me tell you that an inverter washing machine is the best option available in the market.

Which brands manufacture the inverter washing machines

Inverter washing machines are very popular in the market because of their unlimited benefits. And nowadays almost all the popular brands are available who manufacture inverter washing machines.

And if I talk about the top brands available in the market who are producing best selling washing machines then LG, Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, and IFB are the best brands available.

So if you are interested in buying any Front-load or top-load inverter washing machines then you can go with one of these five brands.

Here one bonus for you that we have already prepared a post about Best Inverter Washing Machines

FAQs: What is an Inverter Motor Washing Machine?

FAQs: What is an Inverter Washing Machine?
FAQs: What is an Inverter Washing Machine?

What is the difference between an inverter washing machine and a normal washing machine?

Inverter washing machines are equipped with inverter motors that’s why they are capable of adjusting the power consumption depending on the workload and also reduces the noise level and vibration.

So the differences between inverter washing machines over non-inverter washing machines is that:-
Less power consumption.
Reduce vibration and noise levels.
Require less maintenance.
Provide better performance.

What should I look for when buying a washing machine?

There are plenty of things available which you have to consider during your buying journey:-
A smart inverter motor is a must.
Direct drive technology if possible.
Choose the perfect size.
Which type of washing machine you want.
Wash programs.
Material of the drum.
And additional features like- auto tub clean, auto restart.

How much should I pay for a washing machine?

It has no particular answer, it actually depends on the type of washing machine and which features you want in your washing machine.
The average cost of a front load washing machine varies from 25K to 45K
The average cost of a top-load washing machine varies from 12K to 35K

Conclusion: What is Digital Inverter Technology in Washing Machine

In This article, we have provided a detailed guide regarding: what is inverter washing machine.

So if you have any doubt regarding this guide then let me know in the comment box.

So if now also you are confused and you are not able to decide if the inverter washing machine is good or not then I will tell you once again that.

Inverter washing machines are much more efficient than normal washing machines because they consume less electricity, require less maintenance, and produce less noise. 

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  1. Very good explanation, really I understood so many technical things I this artical finally I came to decesion that what are the things to considered to purchase best washing machine,

    Thanks a lot for explaining very good understanding manner

  2. Hi… Someone recently told me that invertor technology washing machines require more maintenance and that too at higher costs. Could you please tell me if its true.

    Also, which brand would you recommend for best cleaning, good handling of delic clothes, more flexibility and wash cycles, less maintenance and easy maintenance, more life? I want a 6.5 or 7 kg washing machine with quick good quality wash also.


    • Inverter Technology is more advanced and also consumes less energy than a normal washing machine that is why these are costlier. If I talk about maintenance then I don’t think they require much maintenance. Because I am using an LG inverter washing machine for the last 3 years and it’s still perfectly fine.

      For front load washing machine: LG or IFB orBosch you can choose any of these.
      For TOP load: Whirlpool or LG.

      I think this information may help you.

  3. I think inverter washing machines are a great investment. They save a lot of time and energy, and they’re environmentally friendly.


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