Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney: Which One is Best

In this article, we will learn about the full detailed compression between baffle filter and filterless chimneys. So if you are interested to know about the compression that filter is best then stay tuned.

So nowadays every modular kitchen needs a kitchen chimney, without a kitchen chimney, the kitchen is incomplete. But the problem is choosing the best kitchen chimney. Because nowadays only two types of kitchen chimneys are available one is a Baffle filter chimney and another is the filterless chimney.

So we are often confused as to which chimney is perfect for you either a baffle filter or a filterless chimney.

So here we have provided the complete guide so that you can get a clear-cut idea that which is better: filterless or baffle filter.

So without any further ado let’s get straight into it.

Overview of baffle filter and filterless chimney

So here we are going to provide detailed information on their working principle. So that you can get a better idea of what a baffle filter or filterless chimney is and how they work so start with a baffle filter then we will cover a filterless chimney.

About Baffle Filter Chimney

Baffle filter chimney
Baffle filter chimney

The Simple baffle filter is one of the most advanced filters among all other filters and basically, it’s an upgraded version of the mesh filter.

Generally, baffle filters are made up of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel curved plates which have the capabilities to control the airflow. Because of this curved design, all the oil and other heavy particles get stuck to the filter and all the smoke particles get away from the kitchen through the exhaust pipe.

Working Principle of baffle Filter

All baffle filter chimneys are equipped with a unique mechanism called the “Cut & Splash” mechanism and this mechanism helps to separate the oil and other heavy particles from the smoke so that the rest of the smoke particles can go away from the kitchen and all the oil and grease particles get trapped on the filter.

Another best part about the baffle filter is that it does not clog quickly (like other filters) because of the curved design of the plates. So it requires less maintenance. It needs cleaning once a quarter.

But if the baffle filter chimney comes with auto-clean technology. So it requires cleaning every 6 months of use. That’s the reason that baffle filters with auto-clean technology have become more famous in Indian kitchens.

How is baffle Filter the best option from Mesh and Charcoal filters?

  • baffle filters are easy to clean and require less maintenance than other filters.
  • The baffle filter does not affect the suction power of the motor.
  • It’s suitable for the Indian kitchen.
  • While running it produces less noise.
  • It also enhances the build quality of the chimney.
  • It requires cleaning every three to four months of use.
  • It has a huge advantage compared to other filters so it is more expensive than others.

Price for baffle filter as compared to the filterless chimney.

Because filtered chimneys are one of the most traditional ways to clean your kitchen but it needs manual cleaning. That’s why a chimney with a baffle filter comes with a little less price than a filterless chimney.

But because filterless chimneys are required, almost no maintenance with good cleaning technologies makes them perfect for every kitchen. And the filterless design is one of the most advanced technologies. So you have to pay a little higher.

Pro and Cons


  • Like other filters, baffle filters required less maintenance.
  • baffle filters are easy to clean and you can also clean these in a dishwasher.
  • Because baffle filters are made up of stainless steel or aluminum. So it enhances its durability and makes it good for long-lasting.
  • Suitable for Indian cooking style.
  • And the last advantage of this filter is its value for money.


  • Produces more noise than filterless chimneys.

About Filterless Chimney

Filterless Chimney
Filterless Chimney

As its name is filterless its means it has no filter and all the smoke and grease particles are directly sucked by the motor. And because it has no filter so it needs less maintenance too.

Working Principle of Filterless Chimney

Because the filterless chimney has no filter so the motor is able to work on its maximum suction capacity to remove the oil and smoke particles from the kitchen. 

Because it has no filter so no clogging occurs during the long term of use like baffle filters and with the auto clean button you can clean your chimney by just clicking only one button, the whole cleaning process takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Because this filterless design eliminates one layer of the filter. For this reason, the motor can give very good performance with minimum suction power. And also provides a silent operation while cooking.

But the filterless option is not good for heavy oil usage. So if you are looking for a kitchen chimney for a typical kitchen in your home then a filterless chimney is good enough.

Price of the filterless chimney as compared to baffle filter chimney

Filterless design is one of the modern designs of kitchen chimneys and the best part about this chimney is that it requires almost no maintenance. So because of these advanced features, you need to pay more compared to the baffle filter chimney.

Pro and Cons


  • Requires almost no cleaning or maintenance.
  • Provides super silent operation.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Provides a good cleaning experience.


  • Expensive.
  • Not an appropriate solution for heavy smoke emitted due to the use of heavy oil and spices.

Comparison of baffle filter vs filterless chimney

SpecificationsBaffle Filter ChimneyFilterless Chimney
How it madeIt’s a curved plate made up of high-quality stainless steel or aluminum.As its name, it has no filter,
Working PrincipleOil and grease particles get stuck on the baffle filter.Most of the particles along with the smoke exit the kitchen and the remaining particles get collected on the oil collector by the auto-clean technology.
How much preferable for Indian KitchenHighly preferableModerate because it can not handle heavy frying with smoke and spices and we Indians use oils and lots of spices on our curries.
Cleaning Process and FrequencyIf the baffle filter comes with auto-clean technology then it requires cleaning every 4 months of use.Filterless design with auto clean feature needs almost no cleaning.
Noise LevelHighLow
DurabilityHighly durable and long-lasting.Highly durable and long-lasting.
PriceLittle lower or almost the same priceLittle higher or almost the same price

FAQs  for filterless vs baffle filter chimney

Which chimney is better filterless or baffle filter?

The filterless chimney is a modern invented technology that does not require a filter. But the chimney with baffle filter is one of the best traditional options available in the market.

So if you are using heavy oil and spices then a baffle filter chimney provides you better performance than the filterless chimney. But it needs cleaning every 3 months of use.

A filterless chimney is actually a good option available for medium to high oil frying. And a filterless chimney requires almost no maintenance.

What is the difference between a filter and a filterless chimney?

Traditional chimneys come with different types of filters which help to separate the oil and other heavy particles from the smoke. So these chimneys with filters require cleaning every 3 months of use. So chimneys with filters require more maintenance.

But if I talk about filterless chimneys then they are not equipped with filters and require almost no maintenance. So if you want a hassle-free experience then you can go with this model.

Which type of filter is best for chimneys?

Of all the filters baffle filter can provide you with the best performance and also it requires less maintenance than mesh and charcoal filters. But the baffle filter is also the most expensive option.
So the conclusion is from mesh and charcoal filter, baffle filter is the best option to select for Indian kitchen.

Conclusion: Filterless Chimney vs Baffle Filter Chimney 

In This article, we have done a detailed comparison between baffle filter vs filterless chimneys.

So which filter chimney do you like the most? Either filterless or filter. Let me know in the comment box.

So if now also you are confused and you are not able to select then I will tell you once again that.

Baffle filters are good for heavy smoke and oil particles but it requires more maintenance. But filterless chimney is good for medium smoke and oil particles but it requires almost no maintenance.

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  1. Thanks! For information.

    I am very impressive about the article. The article very well articulate if anyone didn’t know about chimney will get sense which chimney buy.

    I was confused, which chimney bought filter or filterless? This article very helpful for me to take decision.

    Once again thanks

  2. Thanks for well explanation. I know lots of information who have no information about chimney.
    One question we use 3 lit oil in a month averagely and medium spice. So which chimney should I brought? And give me some model name also.
    Again thanks a lot.

    • Hi Hasanuzzaman, Thanks for your appreciation.
      As we mentioned that baffle filter chimneys are the perfect choice for the Indian kitchen. But as you mentioned that you are using 3 liters of oil in a month that means you are a moderate user. So a Filterless chimney can handle easily but baffle filter chimneys are still more capable.

  3. Thanks for the information, I have 1 doubt nowadays slant filter less chimneys are in trend so according to u wat is the best option wil u suggest me, thanks

    • If you often cook oily food, then you should opt for the baffle filter chimney. But if you rarely cook oily foods then a filterless chimney can easily fulfill all your needs.

  4. I am afraid that the exhaust pipe in filterless chimney may get maximum sticky over prolonged use, since it’s filterless. In that case the exhaust pipe may need to be cleaned???? Please opine.

  5. very nice to go thru your answers sir. we are south india . daily we cook rice, a curry, sambar and rasam which takes one hr. time. still i am little bit confused whether to go for filter or Filterless. pl suggest – raju g

    • Hi, Raju From the things you mentioned, I get it that if you don’t use much oily stuff. So you should go with a filterless chimney Which is easy to maintain and saves your time too.

  6. Awesome I really very thankful for the detailed explanation regarding the difference between the filtered and filtreless chimneys. It’s helps me to choose the best chimney for my requirement.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi sir. Won’t oil get clogged in motor r any other part of filterless chimney? Won’t it affect the functioning of motor in long run, maybe 5 r more yrs time?

    • There is an auto-clean function to remove oil from the motor area. Because Auto-Clean technology specifically heats the motor and its surrounding area and removes the clogged particles from it.

  8. Hi ,Thanks for the information.well explained. V r from bangalore. V do daily sambar, rice , dosa, fried palyas, chapati, gravy. Our oil usage is 3 ltr per month. Which is best baffle or filterless. Also which brand is good elica or faber?

    • You can go with a filterless chimney, but since baffle filter chimneys have a filter, they are more capable of handling heavy usage.
      And for brands like Elica and Faber both are good, you can simply go to the one who gives you value for money product.

  9. Hi sir very nicely explained. It would be helpful if you can give an idea of which company/brand chimney is good when it comes to filter less or baffle filter so that it’s helpful for us to buy. Thank you.

      • Hi Subhadip ,Great Article

        I wanna buy chimney i really need your suggestion.
        I am thinking of 1. hindware 90 cm auto clean ducted baffle filter and 2. Faber 90 cm auto clean ducted Filterless.
        Which you would like suggest, bcz both are almost same cost.pls help

  10. Superb information I am also confused which chimney to be selected now it’s clear
    Like we R typical Indian family we used lot of oil and the kitchen is full of smoke so I prefer Baffle filter chimney.
    Thanks for Information.

  11. Hello Subhadip, explained very clearly, I have few doubts
    1. We use regularly 3 to 5 ltrs per month and occasionally goes to 8ltrs which suits to me
    2. And for upto how many ltrs Filterless can be used.

  12. Thank you so much for detailed explanation.
    I have a query…..if we have my cooktop in front of a window with an exhaust fan, Do we still need a chimney? Our oil usage is around 3 litres per month

    • You’ll have to see if it works or not. But Chimney is an advanced version of Exhaust Fan and if you have a budget then you should use Kitchen Chimney. Because oil particles are removed from the exhaust fan but some oil particles also stick on the wall.

      • Thank you so much Subhadip for a quick reply. Actually I am scared of regular chimney cleaning and also thinking that the chimney noise can be a bit annoying while cooking.
        I think cleaning the side cabinets (besides cooktop) would be easier to clean)😊. What say? We have wall tiles all over the kitchen except the ceiling part.
        Would a Chimney be able to catch the oil splutter which comes during frying of frozen items. I think that would still be there on the lower tiles behind the cooktop

  13. Thank you very much for your detailed comparison which will help me to select perfect chimney for my kitchen i am going to buy.


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